HOLDEN HQ HJ  V8 253 308 Complete Engine & Twin Headlight  wiring harness.  (firewall to starter)




HOLDEN HQ HJ  V8 253 308 Complete Engine & Single Headlight  wiring harness. 

 This wire harness has been rewired as per the STD Loom with new wires & terminals.

Looms will fit 308 253 8cl with  internal reg ALT & coil on the PASSENGERS side.This is used to replace old hard cracked STD engine looms. The one shipped will be a basic 253 308 engine  loom  with Tacho, Heater, Wiper Motor loom, Twin Headlight loom with  Indicators & horn wires.  loom runs along firewall to starter motor .

loom is sent with No main firewall  plug and is made so buyer can fit to there plug. 

To be used in a performance application this loom  does not have emission / aircon  or idle solenoid wires. It has a 6mm main red (std one is 5mm) with a fusible link, 4mm headlight wire 5mm hi beam we use heat shrink & we solder the terminals.  now made with wire colours  as best we source to match the std gmh loom.

 all plastic plugs and crimps are new or nos.

headlight  loom will be fitted with H4 plugs and have the parkers with the turn lights the turn wires can have there plastic plugs changed to suit headlight parkers in H4 style headlight lights .

As this model loom was made so many ways as STD you will have to make sure this will fit you car and read all the listing.

1, loom run across the fire wall to passenger rail then to starter

2,loom run across manifold and down the front of the motor then to starter

 read listing to how the loom is made both ways are as gmh made the loom for different models as same to internal or external alternators. 


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