LX Torana (late) underdash wiring harness / loom. (change over)




NEW REWIRED CHANGE OVER HOLDEN LX Torana  underdash wiring harness / loom.

This wire harness is sold as change over a std torana  loom is sent to us before the rebuilt loom is sent to you.

 Loom has been rewired from Firewall plug  with new wires no  reused terminals , all others are new /nos. rewired using upgraded wires and has 12 volts at the coil as used with electronic distributor (can be made to suit points) . This is a performance loom not a just a copy of a std loom. It has a 6mm main red (std one is 5mm)  we use heat shrink & we solder the terminals.  Now made with wire colours  as best we source to match the std gmh loom.  Some colours will not be the same as std some wires have plastic shielding all to make this better than a std loom . Can be used as auto or manual. can be used for a 6 cly or v8.all other wire/plugs (some plugs maybe not std colour we as many new or nos plastics as we can ) to suit late 2 brake warning light  LX dash  .  New crimps used

To be used in a performance or std  application. this loom is built to order and my take time (few weeks) to do please contact us to find times to shipment



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